Payment Methods


Payment through credit/debit card
We accept payments by Visa and Mastercard, and your payment transaction is executed via secure online systems (3D Secure, SSL-128 bit).
For credit/debit card payments, please follow the instructions on our e-shop. At the payment screen, you will be asked to enter your card number and date of expiry. Once you complete this step, you will be redirected to Eurobank’s website and the payment form will open in a separate window. Please note that Chronologie has no access to the information you enter at this stage, and we are only being notified about the status of your payment.

Payment through PayPal
A PayPal account is required, which offers additional online payment protection, as there is no need to directly enter your card details. Please note that payments through PayPal incur an additional charge, due to the corresponding PayPal fees. Before any PayPal payment, please contact us for final price.

Payment through bank transfer
For a bank transfer payment, you simply provide the following Chronologie bank account details, along with the reference number of your order:

Bank: Eurobank
IBAN: GR4002602110000670200778237
Payee: Chronologie

Bank: Alpha Bank
IBAN: GR2701404780478002002010060
Payee: Chronologie

Once the amount of your payment has been received, your order is confirmed and immediately processed.