Return and replacement of products


You have the right to return a product you purchased and request a replacement or receive a refund within fourteen (14) calendar days, either because you encountered a problem in the ordering process, or identified a faulty product, or because you changed your mind.


Conditions in instances where there are problems with the ordering process or the product itself:

In all cases where due to a proven error from our side:

– You received the wrong item(s) or a faulty product (mistakes with ordering, billing, shipment, damaged during transportation or with poor packaging).
– There was a problem or actual defect in the product (in terms of function or quality) that is covered by the product’s warranty, on the condition that the warranty has been provided by Chronologie in cooperation with its suppliers. This does not apply to products that may be covered by third party guarantees.

The product to be returned/replaced should be sent back with all the documents it was accompanied by when delivered to the customer (such as shipping list, invoice, retail receipt, etc.), in the state it was when received by the customer, and with its warranty card and original box and packaging.


Conditions in cases of change of opinion

In the event that you change your mind and wish to return the product you have purchased from Chronologie, the product must not have been used, it should be in the condition it was upon delivery, complete, without damage and its stickers still on. It must be sent back along with all the shipping documents it was delivered with, and its original box and packaging, which should also be in excellent condition.

In cases where the desired/purchased product is not in our own stock and is procured by us from our suppliers after the explicit order of a customer and only for the purpose of fulfilling this order, any deposit which may have been paid by the customer is non-refundable and we have the right, at our sole discretion, to reject the return of the product after it is fully paid.


Return/replacement method

In order to return the product to us, you may choose a courier service, at your own expense.


Receiving a refund in cases of product return

In the case of a product return, a refund is carried out in one of the following ways:
– By cancellation of your credit/debit card billing, or
– By bank transfer

Conditions relating to all the above cases:

– In any of the above cases, any refund and/or replacement must be requested within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of purchase, via a written notice (e-mail or physical mail).
– In the case of repeated returns or if we become aware, according to our judgement and at our absolute discretion, that the customer abuses their right of return or acts in bad faith, we have every right to reject the return of the product even if the above conditions are met.

Finally, Chronologie reserves the right to revoke or modify its return policy at any time by publishing the relevant new terms and conditions at


Return Policy

In any case of product return and/or replacement – also provided that the aforementioned cancellation period has not expired – the item must first be returned to our supplier. Once they have confirmed its perfect condition (in the case of change of mind), or ascertained any defect in the function or quality of the watch that justifies the product’s return (in the case of a faulty item), the corresponding refund or cancellation process commences immediately. Within the following fourteen (14) days, you will have been refunded the full amount of your order’s value.